Blue Flower

Transformational Purpose Statement

The BMF models compassion , love and dependability to  equip children with the support and skills they need ,to rise above the poverty and mental disabilities that define their lives.



The BMF envisions a society where children  actualize themselves fully and  thrive with the  guarantee of a future that is free  from the deprivation of poverty and the stigmatization of and neglect due to  mental illness.



To transform the lives of children living in abject poverty and with mental disabilities in Zambia through holistic programs that promote learning.



Nurturing and releasing the best that the world is waiting for.


Our Values (CHILD )

The five values described by the acronym CHILD are a reflection of Brenda’s life that epitomized all 5.She reflected Christlikeness in everything that she did. At The  BMF we will strive to live by these values so that they color all that we do and bring full honor to her memory and legacy.


Compassion:                      The suffering of the less fortunate will be our primary concern.

Hard Work:                        We will be diligent in all that we do

Integrity:                            We will seek to be above reproach in  all our engagements . We will  be guided by the Word of God and  will respect the laws of the Republic of Zambia .

Love :                                    Our actions shall be founded on love as defined by our Lord Jesus Christ

Dependability:                 We will honor  our word to the children that come into the program.