Blue Flower

Our Programs

  1. The Brenda Muntemba Scholarship Fund

The flagship program of the BMF, The Brenda Muntemba Scholarship Fund will pay  for the educational and related needs of bright children living in poverty who shall be selected on the basis of a set criteria. The selection of children will be free from any form of discrimination and will be inclusive of the minority and underreached.

  1. Mentorship and Leadership Development Program

Each year,  The BMF will hold mentorship sessions and leadership trainings to enable the beneficiaries learn from those who have gone ahead of them as a means of building character and skills.

  1. Economic Justice Program

The BMF will identify and support the families of the beneficiaries of the Brenda Muntemba Scholarship Fund to establish  and implement income generating activities to support  the scholarship of their other children while providing a means of survival to the families .

  1. Holistic Care Program (for Children Living with Mental Disabilities )

The BMF will provide shelter and care for children  living with mental disabilities while sensitizing communities about mental illness to reduce